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The Cost of Membership

Subscription rates effective from 31st March 2018 are:-      

Turnover                     Grade   Subscription
Up to   £250K                   A       £715    per annum
            £251K-  £500K    B       £898    per annum
            £501K-  £750K    C       £993    per annum
            £751K-  £1.0M     D       £1082   per annum
            £1.0M-  £1.5M     E       £1166   per annum
            £1.51M- £2.0M    F       £1260   per annum
            £2.01M- £3.0M    G      £1355   per annum
            £3.01M- £4.5M    H      £1439   per annum
            £4.51M  plus          I       £1544   per annum


All bands are inclusive of the one page advert in the Buyers Guide.