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UKAS Approved Accreditations
Machine Type
Materials Turned

Company / Contact
Telephone Number

ACSL Precision Eng.                     0.5-254
Atkinson Engineering, Division of Atkinson Equipment Limited                     4-430
Batchflow Engineering Ltd                       3-250
Cambion Electronics Ltd.                         0.5-21
Cambridge Precision Ltd.                   1-400
CK Precision Engineering Ltd                     1-300
CTN Group                         3-460
Currie & Warner Ltd.                                 10-57
Davromatic Precision Ltd                     2-32
Dawson Precision Components Ltd                     3-150
Dawson-Shanahan (Wales) Ltd                     1-250
DKW Engineering Ltd.                   1-480
Falcon Engineering Productions Ltd                     1-60
G S Brown (Precision Engineers) Ltd                         2-200
G W Martin & Co Ltd                   4-300
H P C Services Ltd.                     1-405
Haydon Precision Turned Parts                           2-34
Hervé Engineering Ltd.                 1-65
JCF Engineering Ltd                     10-150
M & M Turned Parts Ltd                   2-65
Machined Component Systems Plc           1-250
Manton Engineering (Bedford) Ltd                         0-480
MAS Precision Engineering Ltd                           3-150
Muller England Ltd         1-300
NC Precision Ltd                     0.2-32
NEIDA Products (Engineering) Ltd       0.3-250
Normec (Manchester) Ltd                 1-250
Plastic Turned Parts Ltd                                     1-200
Precision Component Services Ltd                   0.5-600
Precision Products (Bton) Ltd.                   0.5-65
Qualiturn Products Ltd                   1-51
Quantum Turned Parts Ltd T/A Quantamatic                           0.8-20 mm
Rodmatic Ltd.                 0.5-400
Rowan Precision Ltd.                   0.5-85
Salcey Precision Engineering Ltd                       0.5-100
Swissmatic Ltd.                       0.5-42
Techfore Turned Parts Ltd.                     0.5-600
Tenable Screw Co Ltd.             0.3-42
Tercet Precision Ltd.                                   2-32
Thomas Brown Engineering Ltd                   0-670
TKM Engineering                           1-32
Trust Precision Engineering Ltd                       1-35
Wealdpark Limited                   2.0-100
Wharf Engineering                       3-50
Wilco Manufacturing Ltd                     3-52
Yorkshire Precision Engineering Ltd                         1-200


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